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Welcome to Kregel Pottery!

 Kregel Pottery is a creation of Connie and Marshall Kregel, potters in Richardson, Texas. We have a large home studio and large outdoor firing area with 3 electric kilns that are used every week. Our wares are mostly slip-colored with clear glazes and are all totally lead-free. Besides pottery and ceramics, we also make our own line of candles specifically designed for our creative ceramic candlesticks. We specialize in tableware and hand-built sculptural forms. Check out some of our newest pieces under "Cool Pottery"! 

Hand-made pottery Casserole dishes in many different colors

Stretching 9 pounds of clay to a vase over 20" tall

Connie Kregel putting the finishing touches on a new vase

        Connie Kregel working on one of her chip and dip designs

Marshall Kregel working on candlestick designs

See pictures from the 2009 Texas Clay Arts Festival in Greune, Texas


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